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What is the PCAT
The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is a standardized test, required for admission to all U.S. pharmacy schools as well as many international universities. The PCAT consists of 240 multiple-choice items and two Writing topics. Candidates are given four hours to complete the test. Multiple-choice items consist of a question or incomplete statement followed by four answer choices, only one of which is correct. The answer to each item can be determined independently of the answers to any other item.
There are six content areas measured by the PCAT in seven separate subtests:
Verbal Ability:   Evaluates general, non-scientific vocabulary with analogies and antonyms in 48 questions
Quantative:   Checks mathematical processes and the ability to reason through and understand quantitative concepts and relationships, including applications of basic math, algebra, probability and statistics, precalculus, and calculus in 48 questions
Biology:   Tests knowledge of principles and concepts of basic biology, including general biology, microbiology, human anatomy and physiology in 48 questions
Chemistry:   Judges inorganic and basic organic knowledge with 48 questions
Reading:   Comprehension asks students to analyze and interpret scientific passages. There are 6 passages and 48 questions in this section.
Writing:   Measures the effective use of language conventions and the ability to suggest the solution to a problem in written essays. There is one essay topic in each of two sections that requires you to write a problem-solving essay.
The current fee for the PCAT is $150.00. For more information on fees and registration Click here.
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