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The PCAT Professor study guide is designed to help you obtain the best score possible so you can get into the pharmacy school of your choice.

The newly updated PCAT Professor consists of high quality PCAT study material, including explanations and feedback authored by experienced PCAT instructors and pharmacy school professors. Many pharmacy students have already achieved their top scores through preparing with us. Now it is your turn!
Most people don't realize just how difficult the Pharmacy College Admission Test is. In order to get into the pharmacy school of YOUR choice you will have to achieve a very high PCAT score. You are competing against many people. Don't take the exam lightly and go in unprepared. Studying with the PCAT Professor dramatically improves your score. Each time you study with the PCAT professor it is like taking an actual PCAT exam. The PCAT Professor is the perfect study tool to give you confidence when it is time to write your PCAT exam for real.
The PCAT Professor Features:
  • 3 interactive study methods (Learning, Exam, and Flash Card)
  • PCAT Practice tests containing hundreds of questions, answers, and explanations
  • Full lessons on each discipline covered on the PCAT exam
  • Study philosophies and exam pointers tailored towards understanding each specific portion of the PCAT
  • Various PCAT study tools
The content for each practice PCAT exam has been extensively planned out by our editorial staff; pharmacy professionals who teach PCAT prep courses all over the world. Through their valuable years of instructional experience we have created a series of practice tests that help future pharmacists, like yourself, prepare for their PCAT exam. Don't set up to fail. ACE your PCAT exam using the excellent practice exams and informative feedback that our system provides.
The Study Guides include question and answer choices as close as possible to the ones you'll find in the actual PCAT exam. They are all designed specifically to help you prepare for the real thing.
Studying with the PCAT Professor will:
  • Increase your understanding of PCAT material
  • Improve your exam comfort, familiarity, and completion speed
  • Start preparing immediately as there is no software to be delivered
  • Work from home comfortably (slippers allowed): Study wherever and whenever you desire
  • Have no need to attend expensive exam prep classes
The PCAT Professor is so much more than a traditional PCAT study prep. Not only do we provide you with questions, answers and explanations but also with complete lessons on subjects you will need to know. The PCAT exam covers many topics. Topics which you might have forgotten over time. We offer you well researched learning resources on each necessary discipline including quantitative ability (math), chemistry, and biology. These easy to use learning resources (over 300 pages) would be impossible to compile into a traditional pharmacy prep book study guide. The power of the Internet allows us to help you learn faster and with greater comprehension. If you are not sure about a word or topic... with one click you have complete background information. This is the only way to study for the PCAT.
Register with the PCAT Professor now and you will get:
  • Competitive pricing for superior content
  • No expensive shipping or handling charges
  • Instantaneous gratification: Start studying now
"I used the PCAT Professor for 2 months while I was deployed with the military. It really helped me become quicker with math and chemistry questions in order to get to all questions on the PCAT. I just received my results and really couldn't be happier! I know it was because I used the PCAT Professor for review and kept timing myself. Thank you for creating this website!"
Melissa R., Houston
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